AAAC, and BEYOND, The No-Confidence Game

The FAA has known for more than a decade now that they were going to be mandated to integrate drones into the NAS. The 2012 FAA Reauthorization was signed into law. The September 2014 Part 107 rollout mandate came and went as well as the 2015 full NAS integration mandate. The FAA simply said ATO […]

AgEagle Announces eBee X™ receives design verification essential for BVLOS and operations over people from EASA

Drone Operators Now Free to Seek SORA Authorization to Fly BVLOS and OOP with eBee X in 27 European Member States, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland AgEagle Aerial Systems Inc. (NYSE American: UAVS) (“AgEagle” or the “Company”), an industry-leading provider of full-stack drone, sensor and software solutions for commercial and government/defense use, today announced that the […]

Zephyr flies across America

Airbus Zephyr callsign Zulu 82 took off from the Yuma proving grounds on June 15th at 11z and has been airborne ever since, today it should reach the East Coast of America. If my sums are correct as I type it has been in the air for 274 hours, well on the way to smashing […]

A history of DJI wireless system, is Walksnail using DJI technology?

Last week Joonas from released some info on Twitter on what we believe is the origins of the DJI digital FPV system chipset known as the P1 and what Waslksnail may be using in the Avatar system and today I wanted to expand on that. There has been a massive amount of conjecture and […]

Nordic Unmanned – Coaxial Configuration Patent

Nordic Unmanned is enforcing a patent they hold on coaxial multirotors. Granted in 2011 to AirRobot a company that Nordic Unmanned bought last year. This patent might be the only part of AirRobot with significant value. To claim that AirRobot invented coaxial rotors is a significant stretch of the truth. From Wikipedia The idea of […]

ICAO RPAS Symposium & Drone Enable 2022

RPAS Symposium 2022, will be held at ICAO Headquarters in Montréal, Canada. The theme of the event is “To Certify or Not to Certify”. This symposium will be one of the premiere RPAS events worldwide, focusing on the technology, operation, and certification of RPAS. Participants will have the perfect opportunity for learning about the regulatory […]

Aerial Vantage Wins Contract With a Forestry and Land Management Company

Aerial Vantage continues to deliver on its mission to automate and improve business value by collecting and transforming aerial imagery into actionable information, such as with drone technology in forestry. Aerial Vantage is very pleased to announce a recent contract with a forestry and land management company. We will collect aerial imagery for timber plots […]

Delivery of autonomous mapping drone to the Canadian Government for reconnaissance missions

ARA is proud to announce that our team successfully developed an autonomous RPAS (RPAS is synonymous with a drone) with a tactical 3D reconnaissance system capable of operating in GPS-denied environments. The demonstration project was commissioned by Transport Canada. In the near future, Canada plans to use these reconnaissance drones in several key sectors, for […]

ideaForge and Ingram Micro India have signed a drone distribution agreement

ideaForge, a global leader in unmanned aerial vehicle technology, has announced a distribution agreement with Ingram Micro India to expand its global distribution network. Ingram Micro will distribute ideaForge’s portfolio of world-class drones under this agreement, ensuring that UAVs deliver consistent results across major applications. Ingram Micro is a global leader in delivering a full […]