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Mazda adding new 3.3l 48V MHEV diesel to CX-60 line-up next year

In Europe, Mazda announced that it will add an all-new e-Skyactiv D diesel engine to the Mazda CX-60 line-up in 2023, joining the PHEV CX-60, which is available to order now. Another demonstration of Mazda’s Multi-Solution Approach, the new diesel is designed to meet the needs of customers who want an efficient, long-distance driving car [...]

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MAHLE says it has developed the most durable electric motor; new cooling concept

The automotive supplier MAHLE has developed what it says is the most durable electric motor available: the superior continuous torque (SCT) E-motor. The traction motor can run indefinitely with high performance due to its new cooling concept. The new electric motor is clean, light, and efficient and can be assembled without the use of rare [...]

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Renault Group inaugurates new production line for electric motors at Cléon plant

The Renault Group inaugurated the new “ePT-160kW” electric motor production line at its plant in Cléon. Renault Group has invested €620 million since 2018 at the Cléon site to industrialize the group’s motors for 100% electric and hybrid vehicles. A center of expertise in the manufacture of very high performance electrical and mechanical components, the [...]

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Battery-grade lithium hydroxide produced in a 4-phase test program based on ore from Keliber’s largest deposit

Finland-based lithium producer Keliber has completed a four-phase pilot-scale test program and verified the behavior of the ore from the company's largest deposit, Rapasaari, at all stages of the production process. A similar pilot-scale test program has previously been carried out using ore from Syväjärvi, the mine where quarrying will start first. In the final [...]

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Volvo Group Venture Capital invests in Optibus, a software company for efficient sustainable bus operations

Volvo Group Venture Capital has invested in Optibus, a cloud-native, end-to-end software platform for public transportation planning and operations, to advance bus electrification and the digitalization of the public transportation industry. Using optimization algorithms, artificial intelligence, and cloud computing, Optibus develops and provides an all-in-one software platform for digitalizing and optimizing the work processes involved [...]

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Electric propulsion company Evolito acquires aerospace battery company Electroflight; full powertrain solutions capability

Evolito, a privately-owned company designing and manufacturing electric motors and controllers for aerospace applications, has acquired the business and assets of aerospace battery solutions company '. Evolito was spun-out last year from YASA; YASA is now a wholly owned subsidiary of Mercedes-Benz. Evolito supplies high-performance, low-weight axial-flux motors and controllers that are smaller, lighter and [...]

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Compass Minerals signs non-binding agreement to supply LG Energy Solution with battery-grade lithium product starting in 2025

LG Energy Solution (LGES) signed a non-binding Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Compass Minerals (earlier post), a provider of essential minerals. Under the terms of the MoU, Compass Minerals would supply LGES with with a battery-grade lithium product from its lithium brine development project at its Ogden, Utah, solar evaporation facility. Per the terms of [...]

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Stellantis, Nidec JV Emotors to begin production this year at Trémery

Through investments in two key joint ventures at Trémery-Metz, Stellantis has deployed a vertical integration strategy designed to increase control of the global electrification value chain. Emotors, a 50/50 joint venture between Stellantis and Nidec Leroy-Somer Holding (a Nidec Group company), will start production this year of its range of electric motors at the Stellantis [...]

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FortisBC, Suncor, Hazer to pilot methane pyrolysis for hydrogen production with graphite byproduct

A partnership between FortisBC Energy Inc., Suncor Energy and Australia-based Hazer Group Limited will use Hazer’s innovative methane pyrolysis technology for the first time in North America to produce hydrogen from natural gas. The project, located at Suncor’s Burrard Terminal site, will produce hydrogen while storing the carbon byproduct as solid synthetic graphite that can [...]

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GAC unveils new higher energy density LFP battery, 1.5L hydrogen engine

Among the technologies displayed at 2022 GAC Tech day at the GAC R&D Center was a new-generation LFP battery built on microcrystalline technology (SmLFP). Compared with the current mass-produced lithium iron phosphate batteries on the market, the super-energy lithium iron battery has an increase of 13.5% in mass energy density, 20% in volume energy density, [...]

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