VoloDrone heavy-lift drone already completed its first public test flight

Volocopter, the pioneer of urban air mobility (UAM), and the Austrian vehicle manufacturer Schwarzmüller have partnered to create a new application for the classic transport trailer. Named the Mobile Vertipad, this trailer converts into a mobile take-off and landing platform for an electrically powered transport drone. This new innovative product was presented today at the [...]

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CycloTech Takes its First Flight

CycloTech, the developer a highly unique eVTOL propulsion technology based on marine concepts, has officially announced the first public flight of an aircraft using its systems. The unique technology behind CycloTech’s concept has not yet been seen in any other aircraft concept. To both propel itself and control its position in the air, CycloTech propulsors [...]

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Avantto orders 100 eVTOL aircraft from Embraer subsidiary Eve

Eve Urban Air Mobility, a subsidiary of Embraer, and Aviation Management Services – Serviços Aeronáuticos Ltda (“Avantto”) have signed a Letter of Intention and announced a partnership aimed at developing the Urban Air Mobility (UAM) ecosystem in Latin America. This partnership includes an order for 100 of Eve’s electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) aircraft, as well [...]

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Eve and Avantto to develop Urban Air Mobility operations in Brazil and Latin America

Eve Urban Air Mobility, LLC, an Embraer company, and Aviation Management Services – Serviços Aeronáuticos Ltda. have signed a Letter of Intention and today announced a partnership aimed at developing the Urban Air Mobility (UAM) ecosystem in Latin America. This partnership includes an order for 100 of Eve’s electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) aircraft, [...]

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EHang Debuts Long Range VT-30 AAV at Jiuzhou Airport

EHang made the debut of its long-range dual-seat passenger-grade AAV VT-30 at the Jiuzhou Airport in Zhuhai, Guangdong Province, before the upcoming 13th China International Aviation and Aerospace Exhibition, also known as the Zhuhai Air Show. The VT-30, was officially released this year in May, and is the first in EHang’s product suite that [...]

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Honda Enters Into eVTOL Space

Honda has announced plans to enter the eVTOL industry with its own prototype, but with a twist. The famed automotive company plans to build a hybrid gas-electric vehicle, noting most of its competition is making bets on all-electric viability and the limited range that comes with it. Honda sees aerial mobility as one of the [...]

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Moog’s SureFly Joins Agility Prime

The Moog SureFly has been long in development, although not much news has been released about it in recent years. In December of 2019, Workhorse officially announced the sale of the SureFly project to Moog, which had been in development with Workhorse for several years. The prototype itself is impressive, having already undergone many flight [...]

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Eve and Bristow partner to develop UAM capabilities

Using each other’s respective strengths, Bristow will lend its 70 plus years of transport expertise in global operations to Eve’s unique value proposition to offer a comprehensive suite of UAM products and services for various regions and missions. The UAM operating environment will focus on areas such as vehicle design, vertiport design, regulatory development for [...]

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Volocopter Gets Order for 150 Aircraft, Expands into Chinese Market

The German urban air mobility company Volocopter has announced a joint venture company with a subsidiary of China’s Geely Technology Group, Aerofugia, to bring its UAM aircraft into China, according to a Sept. 22 release. The announcement includes the purchase of 150 Volocopter aircraft and a member of Geely joining Volocopter’s advisory board, according to [...]

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DARPA’s CRANE Project Moves to Next Phase…

A DARPA research project developing new ways to control aircraft with actuators and effectors on aircraft is moving to its next phase. The Control of Revolutionary Aircraft with Novel Effectors (CRANE) program aims is to demonstrate how active flow control (AFC) can be used in aircraft and the design benefits it could bring in terms [...]

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