Ukrainian drone enthusiasts sign up to repel Russian forces

In better times, Ukrainian drone enthusiasts flew their gadgets into the sky to photograph weddings, fertilize soybean fields or race other drones for fun. Now some are risking their lives by forming a volunteer drone force to help their country repel the Russian invasion. “Kyiv needs you and your drone at this moment of fury!” [...]

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How a laser defeats hostile drones

A small quadcopter, just like the ones they sell for a few hundred dollars at big-box stores, flies against a cloudless blue sky. On the ground, atop a dune buggy, a glass-paned turret pivots in the drone’s direction. Inside the vehicle, there’s a motorized whirr. Moments later, flames start to flicker near a microscopic [...]

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5 trends to watch in 2022: Drones

Growth in Government and Commercial Use – Infrastructure and agricultural applications will continue to lead commercial growth. Unmanned aircraft are vital to sustaining the nation’s aging infrastructure, from inspecting bridges and pipelines to prioritizing the repair of critical works in the aftermath of natural disasters. Drones are increasingly utilized to combat the effects of climate change, giving [...]

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Raytheon Intelligence & Space drone swarm control solution shines in DARPA field exercise

Raytheon Intelligence & Space, a Raytheon Technologies business, recently supported the fifth OFFensive Swarm-Enabled Tactics, or OFFSET, DARPA program field exercise. Using integrated swarm technology developed by a Raytheon BBN-led team, a single operator successfully controlled a swarm—composed of 130 physical drone platforms and 30 simulated drone platforms—both indoors and outdoors in an urban setting. [...]

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Wingcopter Secures Investment from LATAM Based SYNERJET Corporation

German drone delivery company Wingcopter has secured its next investment from SYNERJET Corp, a leading business aviation specialist in Latin America, with operations in Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Chile, Panama, and Guatemala. The new funding follows recently announced investments from Japan-based DRONE FUND as well as UBER co-founder Garrett Camp’s Exp SYNERJET has made the investment shortly after [...]

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Jetpacks, flying cars and taxi drones: transport’s future is in the skies

Paramedics with jetpacks, border police in flying cars and city workers commuting by drone all sound like science fiction - but the concepts are part of a advanced air mobility (AAM) market that is expected to be worth as much as $17 billion by 2025. As urbanisation leaves city streets congested and advances in technology [...]

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Teledyne FLIR’s Thermal Zoom Drone Payload: More Pixels. More Accuracy.

Teledyne FLIR Unveils Radiometric Vue TZ20-R Thermal Zoom Drone Payload. The high-resolution radiometric gimbaled thermal drone payload for the DJI V2 Matrice 200 Series and Matrice 300 offers pixel-by-pixel temperature measurement with up to 20 times digital zoom. Radiometry allows users to measure the temperature of every pixel in the scene.  Thermal zoom capability means that [...]

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China may deploy drones on border with India

If the Global Times is to be believed, Chinese experts feel larger, fixed-wing drones, such as the GJ-1 and GJ-2 armed reconnaissance drones, can be deployed along China's borders including the border with India. The idea in the from a proposal has been floated by a Chinese legislator Hou Yun, who also happens to be [...]

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Over 3,000 drones take over skies in China setting a world record

Drones are being perceived as the future in all spheres as technology continues to dictate our modes of living. Now, a staggering record was set in China after 3,281 drones took over the skies - displaying a camaraderie unseen before. The drone show was also inducted in the Guinness World Record directory for using over [...]

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New Algorithm Flies Drones Faster than Human Racing Pilots

For the first time an autonomously flying quadrotor has outperformed two human pilots in a drone race. The success is based on a novel algorithm that was developed by researchers of the University of Zurich. It calculates time-optimal trajectories that fully consider the drones’ limitations. Drone A drone flying through smoke to visualize the [...]

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