If the Global Times is to be believed, Chinese experts feel larger, fixed-wing drones, such as the GJ-1 and GJ-2 armed reconnaissance drones, can be deployed along China’s borders including the border with India. The idea in the from a proposal has been floated by a Chinese legislator Hou Yun, who also happens to be a commander with China’s People’s Liberation Army.

Hou serves with the PLA Tibet military command and believes China should deploy more advanced drones on the borders. So, on March 5, Hou plans to push a proposal before China’s National People’s Congress, the annual gathering of the Chinese Parliament.

The report by the Global Times has more insights. It says the PLA deployed drones during the India – China border standoff that began last year.


So far, only small or medium sized drones have been in use but they have short endurance and are vulnerable to rain and they face challenges in reconnaissance missions during foggy weather conditions.

After pulling back troops from Pangong Tso, the Chinese press and social media platforms have been buzzing about Chinese drones and their capabilities.

Over the weekend, a drone maker in Shenzhen commended two employees claiming that they supported the Chinese troops during last year’s border clash. The disclosure was part of an article shared on Wechat. It was taken down but the claims have been widely shared across the Chinese internet. The Chinese drone company claims its technology was used to conduct reconnaissance and that two of its employees, Zhao Bo and Shi Zhilong were present on the ground, embedded into the Chinese military units.

The Chinese military has been harnessing the drone technology for a while now. Last year in September, the Chinese press released this propaganda video claiming that drones were delivering food to the soldiers near the India-China border.