China has unveiled its new Wing Loong-10 attack drone at the Nanchang Airshow 2020, which started on Saturday.

The aircraft is a ground-attack version of Wing Loong. It uses a ZF850 engine that costs about $ 57,000, according to Chinese media reports

Developed by the Chengdu Aircraft Industry Group, the Wing Loong or Pterodactyl-I is a medium-altitude and long-lasting drone (MALE) used for aerial surveillance and reconnaissance. It is capable of being equipped with air-to-surface weapons for use in a UCAV function. It can carry 440 combined pounds of weapons and reconnaissance equipment, has a range of 2,500 miles and can remain in the air for 20 hours.

The Wing Loong UAV was used by Saudi coalition forces in Yemen and by the National Settlement Government (GNA) in Libya.

The drone can be equipped with a variety of sensors, including an infrared tower and synthetic aperture radar. Intended for use as an aerial surveillance and reconnaissance platform, the drone can be equipped with air-to-surface weapons for use in unmanned aerial combat vehicles (UCAV).

Based on the official marketing material released by CADI, the Pterodactyl can transport the BA-7 air-to-ground missile, the YZ-212 laser-guided bomb, the YZ-102A antipersonnel bomb and the 50kg miniature guided bomb LS-6 .

Source: alKhaleej Today