GA-ASI continues focus on Canada

General Atomics Aeronautical Systems, Inc. (GA-ASI), the world leader in Remotely Piloted Aircraft, announced today that they have opened a new office near Confederation Park in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. In a related move, GA-ASI is proud to announce it has appointed Michel Lalumiere as its International Strategic Development director for Canada. Lalumiere will be based […]

Capella Advances Gold-Copper Targeting at the Katajavaara-Aakenus Project, Central Lapland

Capella Minerals Ltd. (TSXV: CMIL) (OTCQB: CMILF) (FRA:N7D2) (the “Company” or “Capella”) is pleased to report that it has completed a 4,000-line km high-resolution drone magnetic survey over the Katajavaara-Aakenus project in northern Finland. Interpretation of the data derived from this survey is well underway, with the Company’s focus being the evaluation of potential extensions to Outokumpu […]

Volocopter Collaborates with Microsoft on VoloIQ Aerospace Cloud Project

Volocopter, the pioneer of urban air mobility (UAM), announced a strategic collaboration with Microsoft to develop an aerospace cloud system in Microsoft Azure that will address the nascent cloud computing requirements for eVTOLs, UAM, and autonomous aviation. Once primed for commercial use, Azure will support the digital platform VoloIQ, the operating system for Volocopter’s UAM […]

The DJI P1 and S1 FPV Chipset – It’s Not All That

With all the talk on what chipset is Fat Shark and Walksnail using in the new Avatar / Dominator FPV Goggles and system today, I have been talking with and collating a lot of the information from some of the fantastic guys who are really digging into the DJI system. To try and demystify things […]

Teledyne FLIR Releases Boson+ Longwave Infrared Thermal Camera Module with Industry-Leading Sensitivity of 20 mK or Less

Enhanced LWIR thermal performance with size, weight, and power (SWaP) leadership provides low-risk development for unmanned platforms, security applications, handhelds, wearables, and thermal sights Teledyne FLIR, part of Teledyne Technologies Incorporated, today announced the Boson+ with thermal sensitivity of 20 millikelvin (mK) or less, making it the most sensitive longwave infrared (LWIR) camera in the […]

Mapping the Ecology of Rainforests

Yasuo Baba Rainforests are often referred to as ‘the lungs of the planet’ for good reason. They absorb carbondioxide, release oxygen and play a crucial role in controlling the climate and keeping the planet healthy.Despite their critical importance, rainforests are under serious threat. Deforestation, illegal timbering,and issues around tree and plant health are impacting vast […]

The Foreign Agent Registration Act (FARA) and the FAA BVLOS ARC

Well who would have thought it, I mentioned last week that its time to comment on the BVLOS ARC, Over the weekend somebody pointed me towards this comment, one of the Blue sUAS vendors do we think? The whole BVLOS ARC doing closed-door work is completely antithetical to open government. There were multiple subcommittees and […]

Zipline Flight Operator – Chemelil Kenya

As a member of Zipline’s Flight Operations team in Chemelil, Kenya, you’ll be responsible for ensuring that the delivery of medical products to health facilities is done in a safe and timely manner. This will involve working with a team of flight operators to conduct regular pre-flight inspections, launching, and recovery of the drones (aircraft). […]

Raytheon Intelligence & Space and Kord team-up to defeat multiple mortars and large drones with Stryker-mounted high-energy laser

In four weeks of continuous live-fire exercises, an industry team led by Raytheon Intelligence & Space, a Raytheon Technologies (NYSE: RTX) business, and Kord, a wholly-owned subsidiary of KBR, defeated multiple 60mm mortar rounds with a 50kW-class high energy laser integrated on a Stryker combat vehicle. The directed energy weapon system — part of the U.S. […]

Fortem Technologies Deploys Man Portable Counter-UAS Solution in Ukraine

Fortem Technologies, leaders in airspace security and defense for detecting and defeating dangerous drones, has announced a new, smaller portable counter-UAS system in direct response to the crisis in Ukraine. Working closely with the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense, Fortem provided Ukraine with a number of the Fortem SkyDome man-portable counter-UAS solutions, as well as on site training and […]

ICAO issues call for drone airspace management innovations

 ICAO has issued new requests for information (RFIs) from public- and private-sector innovators for its upcoming DRONE ENABLE event, designed to advance next generation global standards and solutions for unmanned aircraft systems (UAS), UAS traffic management (UTM), and advanced air mobility (AAM). The deadline for the latest round of RFI submissions is 15 July, with 2022 […]

TEKEVER and Scorpio develop strategic partnership to bring space and drone technology into commercial shipping

TEKEVER, the leading drone-based maritime surveillance provider in Europe, is pleased to announce a strategic investment and partnership with Scorpio Investment Holding Ltd, part of the Scorpio group of companies, one of the world’s most storied and established maritime businesses.  Scorpio’s investment is part of a 20M Euro round recently raised by TEKEVER, that the company […]

DLE welcomes TITRA as a member joining its global effort to standardize the drone logistics

ANKARA, TURKEY- As one of the most promising companies in the Turkish UAS and IT Industry, TITRA is joining DLE to collaborate with existing members to assist standardising the drone delivery industry. TITRA has developed a long-range/heavy lifter unmanned/autonomous helicopter ALPİN. Also with the swarm system software developed by Titra in the field of unmanned […]

Septentrio makes GNSS/INS integration easy and fast

Inertial receiver set-up is significantly simplified with the new Lever Arm functionality, which in combination with the Web User Interface and support material allows users to start testing within minutes after receiver installation Septentrio, a leader in high-precision GNSS* positioning solutions, has been offering for years the GNSS/INS family of receivers, which provide accurate positioning […]