Skycharge brings fast smart battery charging for drone manufacturers

With the surge of drone-in-a-box systems propelled by the newly released DJI drone dock, many drone manufacturers started implementing their own drone docks too. Automatically and remotely charge fleets of batteries whose conditions are ever-changing requires, however, a granular control of the battery health and its charging process. The Skycharge team have been developing smart-charging […]

Censys Technologies raises more than $8 Million in Series A funding round

Investment to Accelerate Transition to Airborne Intelligence Company Daytona Beach, FL – Censys Technologies Corporation, a leading provider of remote sensing solutions, announces the closing of its Series A Funding Round goal for $8.3 million; a round that was oversubscribed and only expected to raise $8 million. A trailblazer in the commercial Beyond Visual Line […]

EASA publishes world’s first rules for operation of air taxis in cities

The European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) published rules for the operation of air taxis in cities, the first comprehensive proposal for such regulations to be issued worldwide.  The proposed new regulatory framework is open to public consultation until September 30, 2022, and cover the technical domains of airworthiness, air operations, flight crew licensing and rules of […]

Close Air Support with Unmanned Combat Aerial Systems

By James Eling “Strategy sometimes matters a lot.” John Mearsheimer The 2020 Defence Strategic Update (DSU), the most recent articulation of Australian military strategy, describes the objectives to shape, deter and respond as the centrepiece of the Australian defence strategy.[1]  The strategic situation has worsened since the DSU’s release with war in Ukraine, and increasing […]

Сursir presented the IFIS 2022 additional papers on NAVAID flight inspection drones.

Held in collaboration with the International Committee for Airspace, Standards and Calibration (ICASC) and taking place for the first time on the African continent, the biennial International Flight Inspection Symposium (IFIS) attracts international delegates with aerospace expertise from the continent, Europe, the United States, and the Far East. IFIS explores the future of the aviation […]