‘Flying Car’ Training Simulator Coming to Springfield Airport

Air Force research into flying cars is taking root in the Dayton- Springfield area in a new way, with a groundbreaking for an "advanced urban air mobility technology simulator" facility set for Thursday at Springfield-Beckley Municipal Airport. Designed to be used by BETA Technologies and Joby Aviation, two pioneer businesses in the field of electric [...]

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Home AAM Hyundai Motor Group’s Urban Air Mobility Vision Concept Named “Best Innovations in… Hyundai Motor Group’s Urban Air Mobility Vision Concept Named “Best Innovations in 2020” by Etisalat

Hyundai Motor Group is invited to exhibit its UAM S-A1 vision concept at GITEX · UAM augments urban mobility needs and shape society · Hyundai Motor Group presents its vision for a smart future mobility ecosystem which includes UAM, Purpose Built Vehicle and Hub DUBAI, December 2020 – Hyundai Motor Group’s Urban Air Mobility (UAM) vision concept, S-A1, will [...]

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Joby Aviation intends to fly its eVTOLs as soon as 2023

Joby Aviation will acquire Uber Elevate in another sell-off from the ride-hailing giant during the pandemic. Uber will invest $75 million in Joby Aviation which, combined with a previously undisclosed $50 million investment in January from Uber, brings the latter's total fundraising haul to $820 million. Joby expects to begin flights with electric vertical take-off [...]

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Why Hybrid-Electric Aircraft will lead the way in VTOL

As developments in the evolving Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) space gradually continue, the market for passenger Vertical Takeoff and Landing (VTOL) air mobility is bifurcating into: - All-electric “e-VTOL” aircraft. Electric motors powered by batteries, providing lower noise and zero direct emissions, with accompanying range limitations. - Hybrid-electric “he-VTOL” aircraft. Electric motors powered by a [...]

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What’s the appetite for urban air mobility in the GCC?

There is more appetite here in the GCC region than anywhere. One thing that sets this region apart is that the mobility landscape is just so different. The geography lends itself to a very different set of demands so you don’t have the pedestrian connectivity you’d expect in London or Paris. When you look at [...]

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