Sabrewing Aircraft in Hayward, CA Seeks Candidates With A BA/BS/MS CV at UCB.
2 paid intern positions opened right away, and for a minimum duration of 3 months, attendance should be at least 50% of the time on site :
1) Mechanical Design Intern
Required skills :
– good expertise in Solidworks CAD modeling (both solids and surface design)
– good knowledge of mechanical and interface hardware, used in airframe design basic FEA simulations
Desirable experience:
– CFD simulation projects prior vehicle modeling
2) Flight Control Engineering intern
Required skills :
– good understanding of operating a VTOL aircraft, eVTOL, fixed-wing aircraft
– flight laws and control algorithms (PIDs, 6-axis sensors)
– relevant programming language / scripting language for flight controllers
– RC/industrial control buses
Desirable experience :
– knowledge with flight controller such as Pixhawk autopilots
– telemetry/avionics used in Aerospace
– X-plane flight simulator
Send resumes and questions directly To Oliver Garrow : [email protected]

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Amazon’s delivering drones aren’t (much), reportedly due to FAA flight restrictions

Despite recurring announcements with significant fanfare at various stages of the service’s very long awaited rollout, it appears Amazon drones aren’t actually delivering much – or often ­­– in the two communities where they were finally put into operation last December.


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SORA Workshop: from version 2.0 to 2.5

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Indro Robotics opens cutting-edge drone test and training center with Area X.O

Canada’s Indro Robotics, a leader in drone and ground UAV research and user training, says it is teaming up with next-generation vehicle trial center Area X.O to offer new test facilities for uncrewed tech, featuring a range of exacting courses particularly useful to police and other first-responder aerial units.


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